Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tiffany (Meyer) Barnum

WOW...What have I been up to the last 9 yrs? Well I could write a novel with all the CRAZINESS!!! But I won't.... Let me just shorten it a bit and say in 1999 I met my sweet husband Glen through friends and after about 6 months we started dating and have been toghether since......Celebrating year 8 this week in fact...YAY! We have an incredible 3 1/2 yr old son Bastian Orion and hope to have more soon! Glen also has an 8 yr old daughter Arieana who lives with her mother in WY where he is originally from. I LOVE being a wife and mother and enjoy every day of it! The last year and a half I have been attending SLCC going for my AAS in Paralegal Studies...Getting ready to finish up my last 12 credits this fall! YAY! I will be SO glad to be done!!! I currently work as a Receptionist for a moving company. That is the shorter version of my life from 98 to now....

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