Thursday, August 9, 2007

David D. Rees

Hiya Lancers,
Similar to everyone else, I have been getting educated, and making a family.
After 98 I served my mission in Brooklyn New York, english speaking. After that
I went to school, met my wife Amanda, and then we moved to Monterey California
where I went to a cultural linguistics school. We had our first daughter
Brooklyn there then moved to Oahu Hawaii and had our son Landon. We are still
here in Hawaii, where I am doing work for some government agencies. Now we are
expecting our third baby. That pretty well brings things up to the present day.
I doubt I would be able to make it for a class reunion, but if they set up a web
conference during it, like so many a
re doing now, I would love to jump on and say hi.
David Rees

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Rachel (Hinckley) Mellor said...

Your kids are to cute. I can't believe you live in Hawaii. Lucky!