Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kristy (Lloyd) Johnson

Hi all! It's been a long time! about 6 years ago, I met my hubby, Doug! A blind date at Lagoon and now here we are! I moved to Pocatello, ID for 5 years when we got married. But 1 year ago, we moved back to my hometown, West Valley. We bought a house out here. I have been enjoying my garden this summer!! I am currently the Scheduling Secretary at East High School. This will be my 2nd year and I love it! No little ones yet. We are still waiting for them to come! I will be sooo happy when they do! We do have a cat named Gracie though and she is pretty much our child! We've had her since we were married so she's a Johnson through and through! It will be fun getting to see everyone on here!
Kristy Johnson


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Thanks Kristy...I can't wait to see some pic's of you and your hubby! This will be so fun to see everyone!


Adam & Rebecca Billings said...


I haven't seen you in forever! You and your husband look great! Hopefully we'll make it back to Utah soon (we're in RI) and we can catch up.

Love, Becky