Friday, August 17, 2007

Tiffany (Terrell) Fulcher "The Real Estate Broker!"

Hello Lancers. It's great to hear how everyone is doing and how much your lives have changed in the past nine years. Let me tell you a little about how my life has changed.After high school I went to work for America West Airlines, which was the best decision of my life since that is where I met my husband Jarrod. I opened the door to an aircraft on an arriving flight that Jarrod was the flight attendant on. A group of us were going out that night after work. I invited Jarrod to go with. He turned me down at first, but realizing his mistake he quickly changed his mind. Two months later he moved to Utah from Florida to try and make our relationship work. We have now been married seven years.The year after getting married we moved to Houston, Texas where we lived for just over five years. During that time I had two children. Bailey now five is very active in cheerleading and starts kindergarten this year. Jacob is three and all boy. He will destroy anything and everything. While living in Houston I was a portrait studio manager for three years. After that I managed Build-A-Bear Workshop for around two.We finally got to a point in our lives where we thought it was time to be around family again and that is what brought us to Morehead City, North Carolina, back to Jarrod's hometown. It is beautiful out here. We live about four blocks from the ocean and really enjoy spending time at the beach. We have lived here for just over a year. I went back to school and got my Real Estate Broker license at the first of the year and within a month of having my license already had three listings.I usually travel out to Utah every couple of months and actually just came back from there this past Monday.I
really look forward to keeping in contact with everyone and I can not wait until our reunion so we can all see each other in person.I would love to hear from you if you want to email me at or I am on myspace. Tiffany (Terrell) Fulcher