Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The rest is history....

Welcome to the Granger High School Reunion Blog for the Class of 1998! This blog has been set up in hopes of bringing our class together, to get those attending the reunion excited for it, and to give those who can't attend the reunion a chance to see what everyone has been up to.If you have stumbled upon this blog and you graduated from GHS in '98 then bookmark this site and send your email address granger98@hotmail.com so we can get you on the official reunion email list! Also, please pass along class members email addresses and phone numbers so there can be a great turnout!This blog is intended for all '98 Granger graduates to post what they've done since graduation so we can all catch up on each others lives. Please get your life stories, pictures, etc. sent to granger98@hotmail.com so we can get them posted before the reunion...and be sure to check this site often for updates!

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