Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Randy & Rachel (Hinckley) Mellor

I am so excited for this site. I hope you all enjoy it! After saying are good-bye's back in 98' I went to beauty school and Randy started working. After I graduated beauty school Randy & I were married in the Salt Lake Temple in June of 2000. And boy it's been a wild and crazy ride! Not really. Same old thing has gone on these past 9 years. We have had fun though. We are both working full time. I am at Kellie and Company in West Jordan cutting away at all the heads of hair, and Randy is a superintendent for a construction company in Orem. He works in all areas of the Salt Lake valley. From remodeling churches to building a new shop for the inmates at the state prison. He goes from one extreme to another. And on top of his day job we are right in the middle of building our 2nd home in Lehi. So it feels like we are running around with our heads cut off. It's a big project but well worth it. We are planning on putting a salon in our home which I am so excited for. Being married for 7 years you would think we would have a few little rugrats running around. Not yet. But we are excited to be putting our adoption papers in when our house is finished in November. For now we will still be the proud owners or parents to 2 great danes (Jax & Lexie). We hope all is well with everyone.


.... said...

So do you like the first song on there? ha ha ha good times! Great idea on this I can't wait for more to post. See you soon!


Granger High said...

I love the blog you guys set up! Will you add a link to our reunion site on here please?? I've already added this link to ours.