Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heather (Ravnikar) & Darrell Hendriksen

The summer after graduation I started attending the U of U. I had fun in college being involved in different groups including the Crimson Line performing dance team for the 3 full -years that I was at the U. I then graduated in December 2001 with a major in Mathematics and minor in Physics. I've always loved math so that's why I ended up majoring in it, but I got a job in marketing and ended up using my math & computer skills as well while being employed at I married Darrell Hendriksen (Granger class of 96) on 02/02/02. Upon returning from our Italian honeymoon, my mom announced her engagement and was married that April. It was fun being newlyweds together! After our wedding, Darrell and I moved to a home in Sugarhouse and later moved around the corner to a different home; we love the Sugarhouse area. I continued to work at until my first son, Salem, was born on August 21, 2003. I stayed home with my baby until he was 16 months old, then went back to work at Overstock and Darrell became Mr. Mom so that he could finish school. Our next son, Oaklen, was born on May 31, 2006. After maternity leave I went back to work for a few months but then Darrell and I switched rolls again so now I'm home being a mom and Darrell is working at a marketing company called Datamark. We stay quite busy with church callings, home remodeling and raising our kids. I have recently taken on a volunteer position as the promotions & marketing chairperson for the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition ( so my time is well managed! Life is great. I hope you all are happy and healthy!

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~Casey, Heather, Gage and Skyler~ said...

Your Kids are so cute! I think it's awesome that you and Darrell got married! He's a good guy! Hope to see ya at the reunion!