Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bill Olsen----The Pro-wrestler

Well everyone I have done a lot since 98. I Joined the Army in 1999. I have lived in England, Denver, Florida and I am currently in Hawaii. I am planning on getting out of the Army in 2009 and will either be staying here in Hawaii or going back to the states. I am currently also working for a pro-wrestling company as a refferee. You can check out the website and keep track of my pro-wrestling carrerr at http://www.808hcw.com/. I have yet to find that someone to spend my life with. But I ain't worried to much about that. So I hope that everyone is well. I will be back in SLC probably in the spring time for my grandma's wedding. I hope to meet up and see some of you all during that time.

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