Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aimee (Lauber) and Mike Sizemore

Hi y’all!! Wow has it already been 10 years?!! Goodness how “time flies when you’re having fun!!” I have enjoyed reading what others have been up to. Well to catch up on my past…after graduation I worked @ Franklin Covey while attending SLCC for Fall semester and then decided to take some time off from school. I then began working full-time doing accounting for a local Salt Lake lumber company. During that time I played and hung out with friends, enjoying life. In December 2000 I decided to turn papers in to serve a mission. The following February I received my call; I would be going to the Belgium, Brussels mission but wouldn’t leave until the end of June 2001. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make but knew it was what I needed at that time in my life. The mission started out rocky and of course trying to learn another language added that much more stress. I thought the 4 years of French I had taken in school would have helped but we covered all of that the first couple of weeks in the MTC. It wasn’t until fully immersed into the culture that the language came and I must say it is a beautiful one!! I served in Belgium, France and was able to see parts of the Netherlands as well. December 2002 is when I returned home just in time for Christmas. Now the big question…”what was next?” I decided to apply to BYU (I told myself I would never go there), funny how things work out differently than planned. I headed to Provo to start school, spring semester. I worked with an Anesthesiologist in a pain clinic where I was his radiology assistant and attended classes in the evening. I absolutely LOVED the medical field. It was while attending BYU that I met my hubby and love of my life, Mike. We were in the same ward and were introduced, formally, by Becky (Ferrin) Billings. Neither of us was looking for anything serious and became fast friends. That summer I traveled to Maryland, Washington DC and New Hampshire to visit friends and attend my mission president’s homecoming. While I was gone, we realized something had started and it was a little more than just friendship. When I got home Mike was waiting at the airport. “Surprise” he had a bouquet of flowers and yep, a ring. We were sealed in the Salt Lake temple in November 2003. After being married a little over a year, we decided to start a family and at the same time move to North Carolina. March 2005 we packed up and headed cross country. We have been here almost 3 years, it was rough at first but I love it here now. In September 2005 our son, Zachary, was born. He is the “life of the party” and such an enthusiastic little boy. He definitely keeps me active! In March 2007, Addison joined our family and she is just as energetic and active as her brother. She loves attention. They are the absolute joy of my life! I have taken a break from school but plan to start again in the fall to finish my Bachelors degree. Right now I am enjoying being a mom and the time I have to spend with my kids and Mike!!

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