Sunday, March 30, 2008


Early June 1998 - graduation, adios, So long and thanks for all the fish!Mid June 1998 - start at BYUMay 1999 through June 2001 - Mission to Oklahoma City, Spanish Speakingnext week June 2001 - start at BYU again, teach at MTCSeptember 2001 - meet Michele Pace of Salt Lake City, West High,Anaheim California Mission, spanish speaking, BYU Nursing programDecember 2001 - finally get around to asking Michele on a dateFebruary 2002 - Michele and I start datingApril 2002 - Michele and I are engaged, Michele graduates in NursingSummer 2002 - Michele starts work as a Nurse at Timpanogos hospital in OremAugust 2002 - Michele and I are married in Salt Lake TempleSeptember 2003 - our son Benjamin is born, Michele stops working tostay at home with BenDecember 2003 - I graduate BYU in Computer Engineering and Computer ScienceMarch 2004 - We move to Livermore, California to start work atLawrence Livermore National Lab as a computer scientist, working forthe National Ignition FacilitySeptember 2004 - I start taking classes through the lab at UC Davisfor my Masters in Computer EngineeringSeptember 2005 - Officially enter the graduate program at UC DavisJanuary 2006 - our daughter Joanne is bornMarch 2007 - we buy a house in Livermore, complete with huge palm tree(are we officially Californians or what?), a 7-minute bike ride towork (Jarom's #1 requirement), a backyard (Michele's #1 requirement),and a chimney (Ben's #1 requirement)July 2007 - we are called to help out in the spanish branchNovember 2007 - our daughter Katherine is born I am still working at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and finishingup classes at UC Davis, hopefully finishing up in the next few months. It looks like we'll be in California for quite a while and we areenjoying it. Hasta Ver, Michele, Jarom, Benjamin, Joanne, and Katherine Nelson


Kristen Rammell Cambridge said...

It is great to see your beautiful family! Glad you are doing so well! Congrats on finishing your masters! Good luck with everything.

lorelei said...

glad you are doing well. your family is adorable.

Brangie Family said...

Jarom!!! Geez, how I've missed you! Michele - your family is so precious! Really glad to hear all is well. Love, angie