Friday, November 2, 2007

Marie (Christensen) Gentry

Hey there Lancers - I can't believe that it has almost been 10 years since we've graduated. It is so fun to read about what everyone has been up to. After graduating I went up to Utah State University. I lived in California the summer of 2001 and loved every moment of it. Weekends were full of going to the beaches, the redwoods, the 'city', pretty much anywhere along the coast. (Now I know why so many people want to live there). The following summer I did study abroad in Switzerland with the graphic design program at USU. In May 2003 I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design. After graduating I was Manager at Memories a scrapbook store in Logan. While there one of my employees kept trying to set me up with her brother. She thought we would be perfect together. After a month or two I finally agreed to being set up with him. Little did I know, we were perfect for each other.
Dwayne and I were engaged a few months later. Unfortunately he was called to active duty the day before he was going to propose. To make a crazy long story short, we were married May 15, 2004. He was sent over to Afghanistan two weeks later. We were very lucky though, we were able to talk almost everyday while he was gone. While he was over seas I was transferred to the Bountiful Memories store and managed that store for a year. During this time Dwayne returned from over seas and started up at the University of Utah. I then started working as a graphic designer for a scrapbook distributor. After I worked here for awhile I decided this wasn't where I wanted to be. The designers worked extremely long hours and I never got to see Dwayne. I was hired at the University of Utah in the financial aid office. University jobs are the way to go!At this time we were expecting our first little one. Dylon McKay Gentry was born April 21, 2007. After he was born I did go back to work for a little bit, but decided that I needed to stay home with our little boy. I do miss working alot, I loved my job! But I know that this is where I need to be right now. Dylon is happy all the time and quite mellow (he takes after his dad on that one). We love his toothless smile and his laughing. He is extremely energetic, I worry for when he can crawl and walk. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with him!Dwayne will be graduating in May with his Bachelors in Urban Planning and then next fall we will be off to Dental School. (I know, what does Urban Planning and Dentistry have to do with each other?) He has been interviewing this fall and we will find out in December where he has been excepted. Hope you are all doing will be exciting to see every one at the 10 year. Have many good days to come.

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Boo said...

Marie!! So good to hear from you! Your little guy is so stinkin' adorable! One day when you're over at your parents' and we're at Scott's parents' we need to hook up!