Monday, November 12, 2007

Josiah & Sharla McCarty

Hello all! Hope everyone else gets on here and updates us with the latest in their lives. Here is my update. I am still working at Janis Financial as a Mortgage Broker and loving it.We, Sharla and I, have two kids. Their names are Aspen Bree (4.5 Yr old) and Brindley Saige (18 Months). They are so much fun to come home to and play with. I sure love being a Dad.I recently was called into Young Men's as a Deacon's Quorum Advisor / Assistant Scout Master. Boy is that an interesting calling. The Ward we are in has decided that it is extremely important and necessary to have a camp out every weekend, so it is quite demanding to say the least.All is well with us and hope to hear from you all soon and catch up on the happenings in all of your lives.


Jenn Spencer said...

Hey Josiah! It's Jenny Spencer (Knighton). Just wanted to say Hi! Your family is adorable. I hope you and the rest of your family are doing well. Check out my blog. ! Talk to you later!


Kristy said...

Hi Josiah!! It's your good ol' neighbor, Kristy (Lloyd) Johnson!! So good to hear from you and see that you guys are doing so good!

Kristy said...

Me again! If you read this, I hope you get a good laugh at me and my fam reminicing about "McCarty's McKitchen!" I think we must have spent all our spare change buying candy and otter pops out of your basement window!! Good times!

Anonymous said...

Josiah! How cute is your family! Its so good to see what you are up to!

Christina Mae