Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tami (Lauber) Doug Hansen

Wowee, how time flies when you are having fun. Well after graduation I attended the Salt Lake Community College for about a year.In the summer of 1999, I met my wonderful husband on a blind date. We were engaged in September of 1999, and married December 16,1999. I continued to work at KFC as a Shift Supervisor until November of 2000 when I had to quit because I was pregnant with twins and my doctor recommended not being on my feet so much. My boys were due at the end of January 2001, but we were blessed with Tyler and Joshua on December 28, 2000. Life at that point got really busy. My husband was going to school full time and working full time so I was a really busy stay at home mom. Almost exactly two years later on January 2, 2003 we were blessed with our third child, a little girl named Keira. I heard that the third child either makes or breaks ya, I thought no big deal, one kid, a piece of cake, and she was a piece of cake. O ff and on I worked at different places, Best Buy, KFC, Kohls, Health e Connex, and Target. My last little one was born on April 6, 2006. My little Sicilee. She is the wild child and she is the one that broke me. Life right now is on hold while my husband studies for the DAT. He will take it in May and that will inevitably decide our future. So while my husband goes to school full time and works full time I am a very busy stay at home mom. I love my life, things are hectic and hard but I would not change anything I have done since high school for anything. See you all in August.


Malia said...

You're so great Tami Jo! Your family is beautiful...I'm glad I get to see you more than just occassionally!

Ashley said...

So fun to hear how you and your family are doing! Your kids are darling!